We make our clients famous for what they achieve

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We make our clients famous for what they achieve

NoTosh was established in 2009, with the simple but deeply held conviction that every learner should experience great teaching and learning in rich learning environments. We set out to do that, at scale, by helping teachers and school leaders to think and work differently, and by bringing them together as a team so they can achieve something remarkable.

We have since grown into a global organisation, bringing our team’s award-winning training and consultancy to schools on every continent.

meet the team

Ewan McIntosh

Ewan McIntosh

Founder & CEO, Scotland

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“At Channel 4, I became fascinated by the strategies and tactics that my creative colleagues used to create imaginative and truly engaging digital services for young people.”

The passionate and energising tour de force behind NoTosh, Ewan leads client projects around the world and is a pioneer of design thinking for learning in the classroom. A highly-regarded keynote speaker and host, he marries intense preparatory work, dynamic presentation skills and a natural capacity to listen, shining a light on the best stories that delegates and participants have to share.

As a high school teacher of French and German in Scotland, Ewan began to look for new ways to help his students engage with his subject. With a strong belief that technology was both critical to this, and underused in the classroom, his classes became among the first in Europe to podcast and blog as part of their daily learning.

Ewan then took his transformative ideas around Scotland for three years, as the National Advisor on Learning and Technology Futures for the Scottish Government, before joining Channel 4 as their Digital Commissioner in 2008. A step in a different direction perhaps, but one that led to him taking creative insights from the media world into the education world. And that’s how NoTosh came about.

Dr Jeremy Weinstein

Dr Jeremy Weinstein

Senior Consultant, Australia

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“The face of training, development and education is changing drastically, and will continue to do so as technology progresses. I help teams to embrace these changes, while ensuring they remain true to their values and their humanity.”

Born and raised in Melbourne, and a mechanical engineer by training, Jeremy’s career has seen him take on a wide range of roles and challenges and, after a decade as an award-winning film maker, he cemented his passion for media and communications by completing a PhD in this field.

With a wealth of experience in industry and in university teaching, Jeremy brings unparalleled depths of knowledge, ideas and connections to our team and our clients. Keen to find and solve problems in the classroom, identify areas for growth, and shift mindsets in school leaders and teams, Jeremy sets big goals for the Australian NoTosh team.

Jeremy firmly believes that working with NoTosh offers a wonderful opportunity to do something that’s both creative and valuable – working with education teams to embrace change and harness technology, while keeping two feet firmly on the ground.

Kate Wadsworth

Kate Wadsworth

Senior Consultant, England

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"Wherever you focus your attention, that becomes your reality. After 20 years of teaching, I dare not think about the number of staff meetings I saw through where the focus was anything but focused: tweaking the curriculum (again); assessment and prioritising short-term gains for accountability purposes; obsessing about conformity, from year group to year group, rather than alignment around a common idea of success... All that instead of focusing on the only way a school can truly improve: by listening to and responding to the needs of the people in it."

Kate has been an elementary teacher and school leader for over 20 years and is a qualified "Coaching Within Education" specialist. When she realised that her "outstanding" performance came at the expense of "feeling outstanding" she wanted to do something about that.

Tim Logan

Tim Logan

Senior Consultant, France

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“The best part of this work is getting people together to make sense of things in dialogue, and then seeing them act differently as a result.”

An experienced education leader and curriculum designer, Tim is also an outstanding communicator, connector and facilitator, and the host of hugely popular Future Learning Design podcast.

Working principally with schools and education groups in the Middle East, Africa and Europe, Tim employs his own agile project management techniques in conjunction with NoTosh human-centred design tools, to move client projects swiftly and effectively from innovative learning design to ideas execution on the ground. His curriculum design expertise draws from a variety of frameworks including International Baccalaureate, Cambridge International, US State Standards, and the British, French and German national curricula.

An anthropologist by training, Tim has fuelled his career as a youth worker, educator and school leader though his fascination with how humans work and learn together. He has taught Grade 2 through to Grade 12, specialising in social science and humanities, and in Principal and Vice-Principal roles, has held responsibility for both wellbeing and academia – always strongly connecting the two.

Chantelle Love

Chantelle Love

Associate, Cambodia

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“Helping people to create agile learning environments in which teachers have the freedom to experiment with technology and the curriculum, and where people have fun in their approach to learning, is vital.”

Chantelle certainly knows what it takes to build a great team. A former lieutenant in the Australian Army Reserve, a television presenter, a primary school teacher, and one of Australia’s best-known faces in learning innovation, she firmly believes in putting the interests of the child at the centre of the classroom.

Having moved away from teaching to work in the film and television industry, when she felt the pull of the classroom once again, Chantelle came back with a fresh perspective and a rekindled passion to make as much difference as possible. She firmly believes that passion and empathy are key – passion to sustain what you do in education and then instil that in the people you work, learn and play with; and empathy to learn to see the world from other people’s perspectives.

Currently teaching in Cambodia, Chantelle remains on hand to offer guidance to NoTosh clients around the world.

Brad Carter

Brad Carter

Senior Consultant, Japan

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“What works for a school in Düsseldorf won't work in Beijing and what works there won't work in Toronto. And that's the fun of it. Seriously.”

Brad has spent 20 years exploring the impact of large-scale phenomena (such as technology and, most recently, COVID) on school communities and the way we think about education in general. A former teacher, school administrator, and leadership development and marketing executive with Apple, his work has taken him to Europe, Australia, south-east Asia, China and North America, giving him a truly global perspective on education and schooling.

Brad is also an experienced public speaker, working on the international stage as both a keynote speaker and a facilitator, and his storytelling work was highly valued and sought after by Apple’s education, sales, marketing and iTunes teams. With NoTosh, Brad focuses on school leadership, community building, and strategic planning and implementation.

A highly creative thinker, with a talent for finding clarity in complexity, Brad effortlessly humanises the challenging process of organisational change.

Athole McLauchlan

Athole McLauchlan

Senior Consultant, Belgium

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“My purpose and philosophy for education remain steadfast – finding support, passions, experiences and pathways that will help all young people to flourish and be the best they can be.”

Athole’s educational mantra is proudly borrowed from Calvin and Hobbes – “It’s a magical world... let’s go exploring!” As a teacher, coach and mentor, Ahtole has worked with educators from Early Years through to Grade 12 and, as a national advisor and middle leader in the state and private school sectors, he has empowered both teachers and students to develop curricula and pedagogy through collaboration, mutual respect and fun.

Passionate about digital literacy and creativity, Athole has designed and delivered Masters in Education and BGE courses on digital literacy for both Glasgow University and Edinburgh University and, as a Social Studies curriculum advisor, has worked with hundreds of teachers in Scotland, supporting them to develop skills in outdoor education and fieldwork studies. He is currently researching teacher agency and collaboration for his PhD thesis with Glasgow University.

Ahtole is passionate about developing a whole school approach, which recognises wider achievement in young people and, for 15 years, he organised residential folk music camps for young people in Scotland and is currently a Cub Scout leader in Belgium. An avid mountain trekker and gardener, Athole is also a great fan of live music.

Carolyn Syme

Carolyn Syme

Global Operations Director, Scotland

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“My career has developed as the digital age has unfolded – my focus is on ensuring that our digital landscape continues to open up spaces of equality, creativity and innovation for learners of all ages.”

Carolyn’s passions are language and communication. She is instrumental in developing new services for NoTosh clients and, coupled with her almost superhuman logistical skills, ensures that the promise of every project is delivered, every day.

Carolyn freely admits to having worked in developing technology and digital channels since they were still referred to as ‘new media’ and, with a brief spell as a project manager for Gecko, a leading digital consultancy, spent most of her career prior to NoTosh with BBC Scotland. There, she developed web-based learning resources that opened doors to material previously unavailable to students and she was latterly a member of the Bitesize Infographics team.

During her time with BBC Scotland, Carolyn was part of a hugely innovative project involving children with additional support needs who struggled to communicate. Working closely with specialists, the project delivered a free online resource that allowed these young people – many of whom were non-verbal – to express their thoughts and feelings, giving them a new-found sense of connection and equality.

Gerry Farrell

Gerry Farrell

Associate Creative Director, Scotland

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“I’m a passionate believer in the power of good communication. I’d go further and say that if you can’t communicate your ideas in simple, plain English that a 10- year-old could understand, then perhaps those ideas need some work.”

A disciple of the late, great Sir Ken Robinson, Gerry believes that schools need to focus much harder on fostering creativity to equip students not just to find a job but to form lasting relationships and cope with all the curve balls life throws at us.

Gerry joined NoTosh to help schools articulate their Vision, Mission and Values in ways that resonate not just with teachers, but with parents, children and school leadership teams too.

Winner of a shoal of creative awards, including Cannes Lions and D&AD, Gerry co- founded The Leith Agency – an Edinburgh-based creative communications agency with a global reputation. Working there for 30 years, he fulfilled his ambition to make the agency a magnet for some of the most talented and capable designers, writers and art directors in the world. Gerry now runs his own award-winning creative consultancy, Gerry Farrell Ink, and is a qualified life coach and D&AD creative coach. He sums up his professional ethos in six words: Try harder. Aim Higher. Think Bigger.

Our vision is for every learner to experience confidence, creativity and endless curiosity, and our mission is to help school leaders to accelerate positive change by thinking and doing things differently.

  • We guide leaders from passive thinking to dynamic activity.
  • We equip leaders with the tools to work through challenges with their school communities.
  • We create environments where it’s safe to be experimental.
  • We develop a shared language for teams within schools.

By combining the latest research with innovative creative strategies, we help school leaders to articulate their vision for success, identify barriers that are holding them back, and open doors to new ways of thinking and working – for themselves, their staff, their learners and their whole school community.

In everything we say and do, we are:

  • Confident but approachable
  • Provocative yet supportive
  • Inspiring but pragmatic
  • Creative and fun

From strategic planning to space planning, from team dynamics to team coaching, and from capacity building to curriculum design, we enable schools to be the best they can possibly be.

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Our immersive and highly effective courses equip school leaders with the insight and tools to work through specific challenges as well as think differently about their whole school environment. Courses are delivered live, in one, two or three parts, by members of our own expert team and invited partners.

From leadership development to strategic planning, from team coaching to effective communication, and from curriculum design to brand development, we can help you to address common challenges with uncommonly successful solutions.

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Our consultancy programmes

Consultancy starts with listening. For school leaders looking for one-to-one support from the NoTosh team, we’ll listen to your challenges and create an online consultancy programme that combines our online courses with tailored coaching and support. We consult on strategy, space design, learning, teaching and curriculum.

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