Transition Design

The Crisis Forced Action; Now Shape Your Reaction 

NoTosh Transition Design


Take the best from the crisis to plan your path forward

How we learn is just as important as what we learn

How We Work

We help people to think differently and change the way they choose to work as individuals, as part of a team and as part of an organisation.

In everything we do we work to combine the latest research with innovative creative strategies to solve problems, meet challenges and open doors for our clients and partners, leaving them better engaged, more creative and infinitely more productive.

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Sometimes it’s the haystack you need to find, not the needle

What We Do

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Change thinking, change learning, change working

Who we are

Established in Edinburgh in 2009, NoTosh has grown to become a global company.

Today we’re based in Scotland, Australia, Canada, and the USA. We work with clients across the globe in sectors ranging from education and healthcare to industry, enterprise, and heritage. Skills development, shifting mindsets, and learning sit at the heart of everything we do, powered by our talented and world-leading team.

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