To Google or not to Google?

Every topic, every subject, every project has content that can be answered by Google – and content that can’t. There’s little point in a teacher or leader providing content that their class or team can find on the internet – but every point in generating rich higher order thinking by focusing on complex issues that require collaboration and debate to resolve.

Here’s a great exercise to try out:

  • Pick your topic or challenge and provide your team with an initial piece of inspiration such as a TED talk or news article
  • Set up two headlines on a work wall or table: Googleable and Non-Googleable
  • Give your team the opportunity to discuss and agree what constitutes a Non-Googleable question
  • Ask them to post questions on the topic, under either heading, on post-it notes
  • Share out the Googleable questions for independent research and fact-finding
  • Use the Non-Googleable questions as the basis for rich discussion around the topic
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I think, therefore I am... or am I?

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