How to build a project nest

Productivity and creativity guru, Scott Belsky, calls it a Done Wall; Google Venture’s Jake Knapp calls it a War Room; NoTosh calls it a Project Nest. What on earth is it?

Quite simply, it’s the physical space given over to projects that need better, deeper or longer thinking and it works as both a continual reminder of the work in progress and a hub for all team members to visit where they can keep their ideas bubbling away. From a NoTosh Design Thinking perspective, it’s also a critical component in a project’s Immersion phase, linking information discovery to ideas development.
Creating your own Project Nest:

  • Check out Pack up your clutter to unpack your learning in our LAB
  • Decide whether you need to use a single wall, a whole room or several set display areas
  • Make the wall or space as accessible as possible – children especially need to feel that they can contribute anything thought the early part of NoTosh Design Thinking
  • Keep items, ideas and resources in participants’ eyeline – it helps to motivate them and spot connections too
  • Encourage participants to continually contribute their thoughts to the Project Nest
  • Invite other colleagues or your wider community to visit your Project Nest – provide post-it notes for them to leave comments

And remember – keep it messy until you’re all ready to start organising your ideas!

Check out Google Venture’s guide for creating a War Room.

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