Diamond 9

Create a ‘Diamond 9’ to prioritise the elements central to your current project or discussion, be it around strategy implementation, teaching and learning approaches or space re-design. The ‘Diamond 9’ can be used by an individual as a reflection too, in small groups trying to come to an agreement, or between teams. Follow the steps below to create your own:

Step One: Gather nine individual post-it notes and arrange in them in a diamond shape

Step Two: Ask yourself what issues are important in the topic you’re exploring.

Step Three: Write down each of the nine competing priorities, one on each post-it note

Step Four: Review the nine priorities in front of you and label them one to nine, with number one as that which matters most and nine as that which matters least. Place the post-it notes in that order, with 1 at the top of the diamond (as shown in the image)

Step Five: Now is the time to share outwardly with your team or a partner. Together, discuss the priorities through and reflect on how what matters most changes when presented with another point-of-view or perspective.

Step Six: At this stage, you may want to shift your personal diamond based on the discussions with your team or partner. Re-arrange as necessary.

Step Seven: Come back together once more, and as a team: does your team have any similarly placed elements? Work to create an agreed and numbered group ‘Diamond 9’.

Step Eight: Take the top Three priorities that your team have identified - these are now the targets of your focus as you move forward with your project.

Step Nine: Capture your discussion and thinking so that you’re able to explain to others how you came to prioritise in the way you did.

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