Amplify, Change, Ditch

You’ve just concluded small group or paired interviews, or perhaps come to the close of some data gathering, and are now looking to make some sense of what you’ve discussed, heard and seen, in respect to the wider topic or problem at hand. ‘Amplify, Change, Ditch’ enables you and your team to better understand the information you’ve accumulated and how it informs a picture of what is happening now, in your school, business or organisation. The ‘Amplify, Change, Ditch’ tool will assist you as you look to discern what needs to change, what needs further focus, and what needs to be removed altogether. Follow the steps below to create your ‘Amplify, Change, Ditch’ diagram:

Equipment Required:

  • Four Pens - 1 each of Orange, Red, Green and Black
  • An A2 sheet of clean white paper
  • A Ruler (or go freehand if you’re feeling adventurous)
  • Pack of Post-it Notes

Step One: Draw a vertical line from the midpoint to the base of your A2 paper.

Step Two: Draw a line diagonally, in an upwards direction, towards the left-hand side of the paper. The base of this line should begin at the same point as your vertical line (as shown in the image). Repeat this step but draw towards the right-hand side of the paper.

Step Three: With your ORANGE pen, write CHANGE at the base of the bottom left hand third, add DITCH in RED pen to the base of the bottom right hand third, and AMPLIFY in GREEN above the top third. Your diagram should now resemble the ‘Amplify, Change, Ditch’ example (as shown in the image).

Step Four: With your partner or team, jot down each key, individual element that emerged from your paired interviews or data gathering process, on a post-it note, respectively.

Step Five: Examine each post-it note and consider if;

  • It has had a low impact already and needs a pivot or redesign;
  • It has had no impact and needs to be justified or ditched;
  • Or, it had a high impact already and needs some more focus.

Step Six: Work together to add each post-it note under the most appropriate heading.

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