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Tools & resources for creative experimentation to help you start moving your own team from passive thinking to dynamic activity.

At NoTosh, we constantly seek out and test new ideas and we’ve pulled together a selection of the best ones, in the form of really useful tools and resources for you to play around with – with your colleagues, your teams, your staff or your students. They’re free for you to use and download...so start stretching your mind now!

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Decision-making by Consent

Stop interrupting: levels of listening

Otto Scharmer's framework helps you hear what you might have missed

From daft ideas come brilliant solutions

Explore ways you can develop ideas around a design challenge

How to build a project nest

Diamond 9

Define the Things that Matter Most

The Three Horizons: Planning Innovation

A metaphor for building an Innovation Strategy.

How Might We

Three Powerful Words to Change the Way You Work

How, Now, Wow

A crucial Prototyping Tool

Amplify, Change, Ditch

A crucial Synthesis Tool

Hands up for a common language

SOLO Taxonomy is one great way to keep focus when project goals are ambiguous

Don't drop the pilot!

Spend time actor mapping before committing to your next pilot

90 minutes to change your mind

Take your team through an introduction to NoTosh Design Thinking

The ten faces of innovation

How to increase strength through collaboration

Pitch ideas to make them happen

Making connections with hexagonal thinking

Synthesise in a visible way with your whole team

To Google or not to Google?

Every topic, every subject, every project has content that can be answered by Google – and content that can’t.

Higher order questions = higher order thinking

Planning for success 2: Collating

How do you add detail to a plan without taking away from student-led learning?

Planning for success 1: Brainstorming

How you can create richer, more creative research phases for students

Making your topic more topical

Generative topics open up thinking instead of narrowing it down

Mindset, Skillset, Toolset in action

Covey's mantra put to action

Mindset, Skillset, Toolset explained

Stephen Covey's mantra can help teams innovate today

I think, therefore I am... or am I?

I think, therefore I am... or am I?

The Seven Spaces concept

Design digital and physical environments with the user's activity at their centre

Pack up your clutter to unpack your learning

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