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Who we are

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What we do

Discover our programmes on design thinking, formative assessment and creative leadership, or take NoTosh OnTap at your organisation.

Keynote Speakers

NoTosh's full-time team deliver exceptional authoritative keynotes around the world that inspire educators to take pragmatic steps to innovate in their classrooms, and show leaders how to continue inspiring change in the long-term.

The Design Thinking School

Project-based learning has been let down in too many instances with “fake,” academic, theoretical problems that need solving. The learning processes involved are at best fuzzy for most educators: what is “collaboration,” “student-designed,” and “student-led” learning? What is the role of formative assessment in empowering students to learn about learning?

The Design Thinking School helps you learn from the creative practices of some of the best media and tech companies in the world, with whom NoTosh works every day. Discover the independent and collaborative learning skills and processes that these growing creative industries—and other businesses—require, and how they map perfectly to the latest research on what we know makes learning great.

Read about The Design Thinking School.

Creating Space for Innovation

NoTosh has been concentrating on the notion of how one might create the space needed for fresh innovative ideas to flourish in a world where there will always be something more urgent, always something more important, always something that’s worked before, isn’t broken and whose fixing poses more risk, it feels, than staying with the status quo.

We’re now rolling out a new programme for leaders and innovators who are seeking more robust processes for creating space for innovation.

The Lab

Do you want to try out some of the ideas NoTosh is pioneering with our client organisations, districts and schools? The Lab is where you can help yourself to strategies and techniques used in innovative organisations and classrooms working with NoTosh.

Googleable vs Non-Googleable Questions: stretching thinking

Every topic, every bit of learning has content that can be Googled, and we don't want teachers wasting precious enquiry time lecturing that content. We want students, instead, to be using class time to collaborate and debate around the questions that are Not Googleable, the rich higher order thinking to which neither the textbook nor the teacher know the answers. Explore how you can make a simple switch with a powerful effect.

Increase Your Strength in Collaboration

NoTosh believes in sharing as much with you as we can, to help more people think differently about learning, creativity and the challenges we all face. Our collaboration cards are one of our most popular creative commons resources.