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UK, 2011-12

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Ewan McIntosh

Creating Commonality in a Multi-Faceted Company

The 'Nurturing Talent' Action Plan

TalkTalk had created a sound strategy that focused on nurturing and developing staff talent, but were unsure how to implement it and approached NoTosh for guidance.

We began by running an internal survey to investigate roles and relationships, and it clearly indicated that staff struggled to communicate effectively and felt left in the dark as to the company’s plans. To address this, we worked through a number of team exercises to help staff build more effective working relationships and together we developed a series of practical initiatives to support shared learning and development opportunities: Learning at Work Week encourages staff to leave their desks and work in collaboration while TalkTalk University allows employees to develop new skills through work and non-work related courses.

The ‘Nurturing Talent’ strategy now has both focus and methodology – staff feel more valued and supported and, with great opportunities to progress in the company, less likely to leave. And company culture has changed dramatically too, as a result of putting learning and development at the heart of the business.

“Working with NoTosh helped open my eyes to the science behind design thinking, clearing the clutter that exists in organisations, freeing me and my team up to go back to basics and create experiences for our employees.”

Jo Taylor, Director of Talent and Resourcing at TalkTalk (2011)
TalkTalk Telecom Group plc TalkTalk Telecom Group plc

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