Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne (RCHM)

Melbourne, 2013/14

NoTosh Team

Hamish Curry, Tom Barrett

Achieving a Balance between Treatment & Learning

Educational Programme Redesign I

With over 1,500 children resident at any one time, and only a handful of full-time teachers, RCHM needed to challenge teaching norms to create greater flexibility and consistency in the development of each child’s learning. A redesign of their education programme was required and NoTosh was delighted to help.

Working with a wide cross-section of teaching and medical staff, we ran a series of workshops to introduce DESIGN THINKING to open up thinking about roles and relationships - with each other and with the children. Tensions between the two staff groups became clear and our first task was to address this.

We then brought the children on board to explore learning strategies; staff and students alike were encouraged to adopt a trial and error approach as we worked through a number of exercises, looked for solutions and accepting the failure of some ideas as part of the process.

With teaching and learning now geared around treatment, students took greater ownership of their work, with outputs like co-authored books showcasing learning and providing useful peer resources

“We’ve introduced a level of consistency that allows regularity to return to our young patients’ lives while opening up new and exciting opportunities for them. Along with NoTosh, we’ve created a new way of learning for everyone involved and ultimately helped to raise the profile of the hospital. It’s been a systematic change that would not have happened without this process of design thinking.”

Lauren Sayer, Head of Teaching & Learning, RCHM
Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne (RCHM) Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne (RCHM)

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