Rosendale Primary School

London, 2011-13

NoTosh Team

Ewan McIntosh, Tom Barrett

A Consistent Strategy for a Progressive School

Strategic Learning Framework

Rosendale constantly seeks out new ways to teach and learn. It encourages an open and creative environment in which children can progress but, with over 600 students and up to four classes per year group, the need to establish a strong framework for consistent learning is critical. NoTosh were asked to help.

Implementing substantive change in a whole school is a long and challenging process and our first step was to build a strong, trusting relationship with the school’s leadership team and the staff and students. We then introduced DESIGN THINKING across the board, working with teachers to develop their confidence around exercising more flexibility within the curriculum to engage every student more effectively. Each class was encouraged to start a blog to showcase their learning and achievements, and every pupil adopted Evernote technology on their smartphones and tablets to make a visual record of their progress.

Rosendale has seen a steady rise in student engagement – and in test scores – and a raising of the bar in teaching and learning that reflects its progressive outlook.

‘We wanted to find a way to record class work and ensure that each child received the attention and support they required. Working with NoTosh allowed us to do that. The children are more engaged and so they bring in stuff that they want to talk about which I think is great!”

Meshendia Dampier, Rosendale Primary School Teacher
Rosendale Primary School Rosendale Primary School

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