The Innovation Incubator

Columbia, South Carolina, 2013-2016

NoTosh Team

Ewan McIntosh, David Bill

Building Momentum for Change through Creative Innovation

Richland School District Two

To improve educational outcomes for their students, Richland School wanted to stimulate teacher-led innovation – great ideas by teachers, for their own communities. NoTosh designed the content and structure of the R2 Innovates programme, influencing 40 schools and 27,000 students. No small task!

The ‘Innovation Incubator’ was created to share challenges and find solutions in a collective and equitable way, across the district’s many schools. Over a two-day event, we introduced DESIGN THINKING to over 50 educators, splitting them into teams to explore and test out new ideas.

Some ideas, like the Spanish Family Outreach Programme – Si Se Puede, were particularly successful. With a focus on minority groups in the community, Si Se Puede is an interpreter facility that encourages Spanish pupils to attend school more regularly and even become translators themselves – a real-life skill of value beyond the classroom.

R2 Innovates is now embedded in the curriculum and continues to be rolled out across the district with a permanent innovation hub established that everyone can access.

“The programme was a huge learning curve with the implementation of NoTosh Design Thinking making a big impact to the way we approach decision-making and student development in our education system.”

Donna Teuber, Director of Technology, Integration and Innovation, Richland School District Two
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The Innovation Incubator The Innovation Incubator