It is no mean feat to define who you are or layout your plans for moving forward. NoTosh does more school strategic planning in a month than a school leadership team will do in a lifetime.

Many organisations have their purpose and future direction wrapped up in lax, jargon-filled language. At NoTosh, we bring your community together in a massive collaboration to define who you are, what you stand for and where you’re headed next. We then bring in our award-winning creative team to hone down your team's language into something crisp and colourful that really shapes every decision you take.

The NoTosh Purpose, Values and Strategy program will see you define who you are and develop a plan and process to meet your big, scary, audacious goals by helping you look at your organisation through many lenses.

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How do we begin to define our values?

We know that values are not found by sitting around a Boardroom table, using one jargon-filled true-sim after another. Values are found by getting out there, learning to look - not just see - and to listen - not just hear.

We help you make this thinking visible to the wider community and use your observations to draw out the core values of your community, as it stands today. We will also identify challenges worth solving as you begin the more formal process of developing a pragmatic strategy.


After defining core values, where next?

Your values form the bedrock of your strategy moving forward. We’ll help you analyse all the data you’ve already gathered, plus the new information surrounding the implementation of your values, and work with you to identify the key challenges and opportunities facing your organisation.

Together we’ll design ingenious solutions to these challenges, ideate to exciting ideas that could resolve identified problems and realise the opportunities the team has discovered.

We will help you understand how you might develop a Prototyping Culture for Strategy Development so that together we can create a movement of action around Strategy, and not just another document to sit on people’s shelves, unread, unloved, and not informing actual practice over the years to come.

Values and Strategy in Practice

NoTosh worked with the International School of Luxembourg to redefine their purpose, values and strategy. We engaged with the whole community, in depth, and so the impact of the finished work has been profound in every aspect of school life.