NoTosh Transition Design is an optimistic approach that builds on the silver linings of the moment, and clears the fog so that your team can get on with their best work.

Is your team’s creative tank getting down to zero?

Are there competing demands coming from every direction?

Are you and your team struggling to find quality creative time to think about the bigger picture?

Are you worried about overwhelming those around you?

NoTosh Transition Design takes some of that creative weight off your shoulders, and helps carve out a clear, inspiring path ahead. We want to build on the silver linings of a current crisis, and help you create a new way to look at:

  • The way you plan for the long haul
  • The way your teams operate and build on successes
  • The way you design your time and space for work and learning
  • The design of the experience in school or the workplace.

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Why NoTosh’s Transition Design, and why now?

Our team has decades of experience in managing challenging contexts and events, leading campaigns of action, and designing communication for leaders. We’ve learned that there’s never a great time to innovate, but that moments of crisis can provide some of the best opportunities to think differently and transform fast. This coming decade demands more agile planning and people than ever before.

We’re here to help you on both fronts.

"These sessions are very engaging and challenging. NoTosh helped us identify some of the challenges to effective risk management in the emergency sector and the steps we needed to take in order to get measurable outcomes for safer communities. From my perspective, I believe we achieved a significant step forwards, and that NoTosh ran one of the best sessions I have been to."
Lew Short
General Manager: Risk, Consequence & Resilience, Emergency Management Victoria, Australia

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