Don’t lurch from one crisis straight to another. Clear the decks, and plan with a clear head.

Is your team’s creative tank getting down to zero?

Are there competing demands coming from every direction?

Are you and your team struggling to find quality creative time to think about the bigger picture?

Are you worried about overwhelming those around you?

NoTosh Transition Design takes some of that creative weight off your shoulders, and helps carve out a clear, inspiring path ahead. We want to build on the silver linings of a current crisis, and help you create a new way to look at:

  • The way you plan for the long haul
  • The way your teams operate and build on successes
  • The way you design your time and space for work and learning
  • The design of the experience in school or the workplace.

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Why NoTosh’s Transition Design, and why now?

Our team has decades of experience in managing challenging contexts and events, leading campaigns of action, and designing communication for leaders. We’ve learned that there’s never a great time to innovate, but that moments of crisis can provide some of the best opportunities to think differently and transform fast. This coming decade demands more agile planning and people than ever before.

We’re here to help you on both fronts.

A tool-kit for the long-haul

Our work with every partner is for the long haul. Learning and working from home for many will move from required to desirable, while also continuing to present us with them a host of challenges - but many of those challenges are opportunities worth seizing now. Now is the time to being the move from crisis management and “crisis learning” to something different. And that “different” can be even more inspirational and worthwhile as before.

This is what NoTosh Transition Design is all about.

We provide skills and a toolkit that help your community make sense of the strengths that have come to the fore during challenging times. NoTosh’s Transition Design will help to build strong, agile teams who you know have the skillset to get on with the job of realising the organisation’s vision.

We have unique experience that will help you to retain and strengthen an ambitious vision, and create a way for the community to get involved in realising it.

We work with you as you rearticulate your mission and core values with your community to create a lasting positive legacy that will drive growth, enjoyment and innovation for years to come.

Let’s start a conversion today around your Transition Design, and build on the best from the crisis to plan your fresh path forward.

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