For the most part, consultation on the majority of new learning spaces or renovations has been perfunctory, with the lion’s share of master-planning and design all but printed out before the people using the space have their say. But at NoTosh, we set out the challenge the status quo and turn the design process on its head...

NoTosh has pioneered an approach that first asks students, teachers, and parents to research what kinds of learning and teaching they’d like to see in their school and sees them put the changes into action themselves, long before any spaces get redesigned.

Through this approach, those involved discover how the learning environment of today helps or hinders their efforts to implementing change in practice. This discovery forms the basis for redesign and shapes a 'letter' to the Architect involved, outlining what it is the school community is trying to achieve, not what design they think they’d like to see.

This collaborative and communicative process ensures that users have the ability to shape the (re)design of their school for the benefit of its users: students, teachers and parents.