Nanjing International School (NIS)

China, 2013-2016

NoTosh Team

Ewan McIntosh

Bursting the International School Bubble

Future-Focused Strategy

NIS recognised the value of planning but wanted to avoid a traditional ‘five-year plan’ that would never be read – least of all by the students themselves! With two key goals in mind - creating a ‘climate of innovation’ and boosting community relationships – they called in NoTosh to help.

The first step was to tear up the five-year plan rule-book and focus instead on a more flexible and long-term strategy to inform and influence critical decision-making on an ongoing basis.

With our support, NIS created eight projects to support their goals and used DESIGN THINKING to build and test their ideas. A shared understanding and focus was created throughout the school as the new approach became embedded in everyday activities, across all classes, age groups and subjects.

NIS continues to build ideas which support inclusion and creativity across the school, placing student ‘voice and choice’ at the heart of school life building relationships with the local community. From designing socially conscious products to teaching outdoors, students now have access to exciting and innovative learning opportunities.

“Before, a strategy was something you were just given, expected to memorise, but it wasn’t something that was living, breathing and that you were part of. It certainly wasn’t something that became part of your culture. In this process, I certainly felt more ownership of what came about – I think everybody felt that.”

Shemo Gani, NIS Kindergarten Teacher

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