Melbourne Girls' Grammar: Intensive Design Weekends

Berlin, 2017

NoTosh Team

Ewan McIntosh, Gerry Farrell, Ian Stuart, Keimpe de Heer

Immersive Design Thinking Challenge

Melbourne Girls Grammar School (MGGS)

A school trip around Europe is a fantastic opportunity for students, but how can you enhance the adventure with experiences that build confidence and skillsets for the future? At NoTosh’s Berlin lab, a class of Australian teenagers touring Europe mastered the art of creating solutions to real-life problems and then pitched them live to the world over Facebook.

The NoTosh team set a unique challenge for 30 students from Melbourne Girls Grammar School (MGGS): record every issue, annoyance, disruption and inconvenience they were to encounter on their travels around the world.

Fast forward to a Saturday morning in Berlin, where the NoTosh team and MGGS students took on the second part of their NoTosh Design Thinking challenge. Over 36 hours students and team NoTosh worked together to analyse the personal experiences gathered by the teenagers, defined the problems they felt were worth solving, developed thousands of ideas to solve them, and created working prototypes to pitch to their teachers and potential investors brought in by our team.

Over one weekend, each student had benefitted from the opportunity to work in a new, unique environment, challenged themselves to work outside their comfort zone and presented a first class pitch, with confidence, to a wide audience.

“What worked for me were the different styles and types of collaboration activities, working with girls I don’t normally see. The whole process has really shaped my approach to teamwork and problem solving for the better.”

Year 10 Student
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