The ten faces of innovation

Whether you’re in the classroom or the boardroom, the chances are that you spend time working in groups – but just because you’re working together, it doesn’t necessarily follow that you’re *collaborating* effectively!

It’s important to spend time finding a collaborative role for each member of your team and adopting NoTosh’s version of Tom Kelley’s Ten Faces of Innovation is a good place to start. Using this tool, you can encourage participants to understand the purposes of different personas in a team – learning, organising, building – and to adopt roles that they wouldn’t normally play, such as an inexperienced team member becoming a leader. You’ll find that tasks are undertaken with more open-mindedness as people experiment with different roles and that leaders help to put team members centre-stage instead of leading in the traditional sense.

Download your own Ten Faces of Innovation Cards and experiment with using just two or three cards at a time. Don't forget to keep the specific NoTosh Design Thinking stages in mind, and use appropriate roles for what you're trying to achieve.

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