Planning for success 2: Collating

Once you’ve completed the activity provided in Planning for success 1: Brainstorming, you’re ready to move on to gathering all your data, information and resources.

Why not create an Immersion Box where you store all your resources? It means that people will be aware of them all, even if they don’t fully understand their context to begin with, and of course, you can add to these as the topic or project gets underway and different avenues are explored.

Remember to think about the skills you may need to introduce to your students or team so that they can cope with the breadth and depth of resources and experiences you’ve made available.

In Planning for success 1: Brainstorming we asked you to download and print out the Brainstorming Grid to get your ideas flowing.

You can download the Double Diamond below and use it to help guide you through the NoTosh Design Thinking Process as you plan. Now create a copy of the Lesson and Unit Planner to fill in more detail about what you're doing.

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