Pitch ideas to make them happen

The Prototyping phase of the NoTosh Design Thinking process is all about testing new ideas – but when you’re faced with a massive choice, how do you work out which ideas to try out?

The answer is NOT to lock yourself away in a darkened room, but to encourage your team to pitch their ideas to see which ones have the greatest traction. To get you started, have a look at a NoTosh pitching workshop and check out this Ted Talk for inspiration, then download our guide to preparing your idea and follow our advice on researching it.

Why not try:

  • Starting out with a pitch on something you know well – take one minute to pitch to your team on why they should try your phone, favourite TV show or book
  • Creating punchy, image-based slides to get your point across
  • Filming your pitch and sharing it within your wider school or work community
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