Mindset, Skillset, Toolset in action

The NoTosh Design Thinking process has five distinct phases and how we think - our mindset - affects how efficiently we navigate our way through each phase, achieving our desired goals. Linking Mindset, Skillset, Toolset into each phase of enquiry gives rise to a much clearer set of success criteria.

Here’s something to try out with your team or in the classroom

  • Identify the phase you’re addressing and the mindset you're seeking in it. Refer to the Lab's Mindset, Skillset, Toolset: explained to see which mindsets, skillsets and toolsets tie in closest to Immersion, Synthesis, Ideation, Prototyping and Feedback.
  • Think about goals you want to achieve in terms of development or learning intentions in each phase of the design thinking journey

Discuss the elements with your team or group of students:

  • What mindset should we adopt? What suits our situation and people best?
  • What skills do we need to tackle this phase? What skills do we have and what do we need to develop in order to adopt that mindset?
  • What tools do we need to help us build up those skills?

Remember that choosing the mindset that works for you and your team is crucial – changing mindset mid-phase is extremely difficult while changing skillset or toolset is much more do-able and, indeed, often necessary as the phase unfolds. Get in touch if you’d like help with this!

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