How, Now, Wow

You’ve been working to generate as many ideas as you can to solve the problem at hand and find yourself swimming in potential solutions, unable to make head nor tail of where to go next. So what now? That’s where the ‘How, Now, Wow’ tool comes in.

Equipment Required:

  • Four Pens - 1 each of Red, Blue, Yellow and Black
  • An A2 sheet of clean white paper
  • A Ruler (or go freehand if you’re feeling adventurous)

Step One:
Draw a vertical line in the middle of the A2 paper, followed by a horizontal line, which meets its partner in the middle, forming a ‘cross’ shape (as shown in the image).

Step Two: With your YELLOW pen, write HOW in the top right-hand square, add NOW to the bottom left-hand square using your BLUE pen, and WOW in RED to the bottom right-hand square. Your diagram should now resemble the ‘How, Now, Wow’ example (as shown in the image).

Step Three: With your team, pull your ideas together and decide where each sits within the available categories:

  • BLUE ideas are those which are easy to implement, low risk, highly acceptable and/or done before
  • RED ideas are those which are innovative, exciting, breakthrough but can still be implemented
  • YELLOW ideas are those for the future, tomorrow’s red ideas, challenges, dreams and/or stimulate thinking and development.

Now you’re ready to begin the work to prioritise, implement and further develop your ideas.

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