Since 2009, we’ve been building what’s now become a global reputation for the impact of our keynote speeches and masterclasses.

Initially it was all about inspiring teachers – tens of thousands of them – and encouraging them to take our ideas from the conference centre and put them into action in the classroom. Soon we were talking to Fortune 500 Chief Executives, founders of tech start-ups, media firms and luxury fashion brands – using the principles of creative learning to inspire management, team leaders and staff to think differently and work more effectively.

Today, we provide keynote speeches in person or online, in English and French language, pretty much anywhere in the world. Our masterclasses offer a face-to-face, hands-on burst of inspiration at key conferences and conventions around the world.

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We see a world in which individuals have the creative confidence to find their place in a team and achieve something together that’s bigger than they are.

That’s our vision. What’s yours?

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