Associate Consultant

An open call to action, for anyone who wants to join the NoTosh team in the following capacity:

Associate Consultant - An Associate will normally have a full or part-time job, and want to expand their horizons and their toolkit by working alongside the NoTosh team on a few projects each year.

You just need to do three things:

1. Submit a 1-minute elevator pitch about yourself in a video. Please submit your video via to the following email:

2. Write one example of how you meet each of the criteria for the kind of person we’re looking for (provocative but supportive; pragmatic and fun; confident with humility; energising but honest). Each example should be no more than 100 words, 400 in total.

3. Include links to your LinkedIn page, blog, website, Instagram cat pics…we want to make sure we’re bringing the right person into our team.

What’s in it for me?

Incredibly flexible working conditions that fit around your existing commitments, including working from home and the opportunity to travel. You'll get to work with a truly global company, as part of one of the most sought-after teams, and make a difference to schools, businesses and organisations both on your doorstep and further afield. You will be part of a growing network of NoTosh Associates with high quality training and a support network to match.

Who do I work with?

We’re a small, specialist team of education and enterprise consultants working with people and organisations around the world. You’ll likely work with everyone, from the Production team in Scotland to our Senior Consultants in Adelaide, Melbourne, New York, Toronto and Edinburgh.

What will I do?

We help people to think more creatively and work more effectively by opening their minds to new ways of seeing situations and ways of working – as individuals and as teams. We call our approach NoTosh Design Thinking – it’s highly collaborative and extremely flexible. And it brings people and teams together and takes them to new places.

We help people to think differently and change the way they choose to work - as individuals, as part of a team and as part of an organisation, by:

  • guiding them from passive thinking to dynamic activity;
  • equipping them to work out problems for themselves and become self-sufficient;
  • creating an environment in which it’s safe to be experimental; and
  • developing a shared language for teams and organisations

through NoTosh Design Thinking tools, consultation, workshops and events.

Am I the right person for the job?

  • You are provocative but supportive
    Moving people from passive thinking to dynamic activity means we need to ruffle a few feathers to get to the root of a problem. We push people out of their comfort zones, uncover uncomfortable truths and ask difficult questions – but our provocation is never unjustified, condescending or aggressive. When we communicate we ask interesting questions and raise issues that make people sit up and think… and we back that up with reassurance and advice.
  • You are pragmatic and fun
    When we communicate, we want to strike a fine balance between theory and practice – the why and the what – so that our audience experiences light bulb moments rather than the feeling of being plunged into darkness. By explaining everything clearly and logically (and that doesn’t mean dumbing down) we make ourselves more accessible and approachable. We take what we do seriously, but we have the confidence to reveal our human side and encourage our audience to realise that they’ll not only learn a lot but thoroughly enjoy the process. This also means we have an eye for detail, in the design of documentation and visuals, as well as in the design of detailed programmes of work that will change the face of an organisation.
  • You are confident in your understanding of how people learn, with a massive dose of humility
    We believe in what we do and we understand why our process works, so we talk about ourselves and our approach with confidence. There’s no defensiveness, no marketing fog, no apology – but there’s also no arrogance. We speak and write as experienced experts – but with a genuine desire to understanding challenging situations and help people work through them. We take genuine pleasure in seeing the difference we can make.
  • You are energising but honest
    Sometimes it’s easier to keep banging your head off the wall than ask why the wall’s there in the first place… or how you can move it. Change is often translated as increased effort and increased workload so energising people is critical and should clearly come through in our language and communications – upbeat, enthusiastic, positive, encouraging – but always honest. We don’t tell people we’ll solve their problems in an instant – but we clearly explain how we can help them.

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