The International School of Luxembourg (ISL) engaged the assistance of NoTosh to help them achieve a clear set goal - to re-articulate the ISL Mission and Vision, and then produce a detailed strategy to take the school forwards.

The school jumped head-first into a challenging, provocative and often messy post-it note-filled journey as they examined who they were as a community. The NoTosh team's job included the facilitation of an in-house Design Team to discover and define their "North Star" and path to get there.

Voices from across the school community, including students and their families, were heavily involved in the work that saw the creation of project nests filled with anecdotal detail and perceptions, and extensive data generation.

Fundamental to this collaborative approach and community engagement was the Design Thinking Process that in turn, propelled the successful development of a fresh Vision and Mission statement. NoTosh's Creative Directors worked over 72 hours from the Design Team's finished recommendations to have a Board-ready Mission and Core Values for approval.

In the months following the community deep dive, we worked with leadership team individually and as a team to create a detailed plan to realise that purpose through an array of new projects.

Below you can hear for yourself how the Design Thinking Process played a crucial role in the work of ISL in the development of their Mission and Vision.

"They're values we have to keep working on in every interaction we have with students, parents and teachers. This isn't for just a moment in time. It's for the moment that goes on in time." Principal.

"We learned from the students and really valued the ability to amplify their voices, to really listen." Upper School Learning Support Teacher.

"We have to be active if we want change to happen. That's not something that can happen if you're not involved in designing strategy." Lower School French Teacher.

"It was amazing to see parents, teachers from across the school and even students were on board with the whole process." Upper School Languages Teacher.

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International School of Luxembourg: Purpose + Strategy International School of Luxembourg: Purpose + Strategy International School of Luxembourg: Purpose + Strategy