International School of Prague: Fresh Vision

Prague, Czech Republic, 2015-18

NoTosh Team

Ewan McIntosh, Ian Stuart

Creating Future Focused Strategy

The International School of Prague

The International School of Prague (ISP) has been working closely with NoTosh since 2015 to create dynamic school-wide strategies that allow room to evolve and highlight a clear path towards what they want to achieve and what they want their school to become.

Determined to create more than the standardised and impersonal five-year plan, ISP decided to take a more human-centered approach and engaged students, staff, and parents in a collaborative process with three key components:

  • A multidisciplinary design team of students, teachers, parents, and board members researched, interviewed and observed where the school’s strengths and opportunities for the future might lie;
  • The leadership team worked with the design group to hone the conclusions of their evidence into a tight set of core strategies, written in plain English;
  • The whole school community created ideas that they immediately put into action, testing whether the strategy worked for them and brought the school closer to its new objective.

Prototyping culture has benefitted right across the school with fear of failure becoming less of an obstacle in the face of change, challenge and everyday learning. Each member of the school community is community and refuses to give up on great ideas when they don’t come to fruition the first time around.

The change in the mindset of the leadership team has been felt across ISP, their relationship with one another changed, as with all sections of the school community, as they collectively continue to push forward and transform.

“The leadership and coaching from NoTosh throughout the process to date has helped us take this journey from personal to general, and overcome the obstacles in our way”

Dr Arnie Bieber, Director, and Teresa Belisle, Director of Learning, Research and Development, ISP
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