NoTosh Design Thinking is a process. A creative one, but a process nonetheless. But it’s also an ethos, an ideology and a philosophy. It works in every environment, from the classroom to the boardroom, helping you see things you hadn’t seen before and discover things you didn’t know you needed to discover!

Testing the assumptions of your team, class or community; getting to the core of a problem; unraveling the complexity of a challenge you face or opening the door to an amazing opportunity takes practice and experience. Every day, every week, every year, we work with clients around the world, helping them to embed NoTosh Design Thinking into their culture and enabling them to work more effectively, more efficiently and more creatively.

How does it work? NoTosh Design Thinking focuses on five phases of discovery and resolution. When we start working with you, our first step is to work out what phase you’re in and take it from there…

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“We don’t have a strategy!” “Why do we keep losing good staff?” “Something’s not working...” “We feel we should be doing something differently... but what?”

Immersion is about establishing the current state of affairs in your school, workplace, business or community in relation to the challenge you’re facing or the problem you need to solve – even when you’re not sure what that problem is. We’ll work with you to gather stories, data, evidence and examples from all the people involved (this can be anything from a small team to a wide community) and then help you to collate that information.


“What do we do with all this information?”

Whether you’ve been through an Immersion phase with us or you’ve done it yourself and are faced with more data than you can make sense of, we’ll guide you through a range of activities to help you synthesise your findings to identify the root of the challenge you face, make sense of your situation and establish the ideas that are worth exploring to meet your challenge, solve your problem or address your newly identified need.


“How do we get the ideas rolling in?”

We’ve developed a wide range of fast-paced activities to help you to come up with hundreds of ideas in a short space of time – wild ideas, crazy ideas, ingenious ideas, brilliant ideas. We’ll help you open the minds of your team, your colleagues or your students so that they feel free to be creative in an environment where there is no judgement or wrong answers. You’ll be amazed at the results.


“How do we know what’s going to work in the real world?”

Of course, when you’re faced with a wealth of ideas, you’re also faced with the challenge of working out which ones have potential. During the prototyping phase, we’ll put you through a series of exercises and activities to help you extract the ideas with the greatest potential and then work out how to test them in a safe prototyping situation to see which have wings and which are dead in the water.


“Have we done what we set out to do?”

Finally, we’ll show you some ingenious ways to get rich and usable feedback from your wider community, service users or customers. Feedback that actually adds value to your organisation, now and as you move forward, not just a box ticking exercise.

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