Peter Ford

Senior Consultant, Europe

​Peter Ford leads our schools and fashion work in Europe, and is known for being one of Europe's most prominent early bloggers.

Peter Ford is an accomplished and creative educationalist with over 15 years’ experience of delivering transformation across a range of educational sectors. A former Assistant Head of School, he is recognised for ability to inspire colleagues, build relationships with key stakeholders and to manage projects effectively. He is an innovator, well-versed in harnessing the power of technology for better teaching and learning. He regularly blogs at theblogcollective.

Since joining NoTosh in early 2012 he has helped plan, manage and deliver feasibility work for transforming the approach to public learning in one of Scotland’s most historic sites, with a view to scaling this out to another 300+ sites around the country. He is also the lynchpin of a large-scale global programme for young people with one of the world’s most successful creative brands.

Previously, as Harnessing Technologies Manager at Northamptonshire County Council, he led the country-wide development of a sustainable, grassroots network of educators who share best practice, both face-to-face and online. It was shortlisted for a Times Educational Supplement (TES) award in the ’Outstanding Partnership or Initiative’ category. He also had strategic responsibility for ensuring that centralised investment in educational technology translates into better learning and teaching experiences for children in schools.

As Silverstone Study Centre Manager
 he developed an innovative and effective learning space for delivery of transformative educational programmes for underachieving young people at risk of exclusion from traditional schools. This included setting up relationships with a wide range of stakeholders to harness the power of motor-sport for delivering better engagement of and educational outcomes for young people.

Prior to these roles, Peter has co-designed programmes to re-engage young people who had been “lost to education”, using technology in particular to give them their first taste of success in what, for them, represented a “make or break” programme, and managed technology-based projects for the European Centre of Modern Languages in Austria that incorporated educators from 28 different countries.

As a primary teacher at the British School of Amsterdam, he combined engaging classroom practice with the development of the innovative and embedded use of technology throughout the school. The technology provision and application for learning was judged as ’Outstanding’ by external inspection.

Peter completed his five years in Amsterdam as Assistant Head of Upper School, managing the establishment of the secondary school department that continues to flourish today.

Ewan McIntosh
March 03, 2013