Peter Ford heads to Apple

Former Senior Consultant, Europe & Asia

After three stellar years at NoTosh, UK-based consultant Peter Ford leaves the firm this summer to take up a new position as Programme Manager of the Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) community across a region encompassing Europe, Middle East, India and Africa.

Peter joined NoTosh in early 2012, leading a diverse range of projects, from transforming the learning approach at Britain’s oldest castles, to working on learning strategy and community-building with a wide range of schools and universities, from Northampton to Tokyo, political and governmental organisations such as the United Nations, as well as luxury fashion brands and global technology companies. Peter said:

“The variety of work I’ve been part of forms the beauty of the world of NoTosh. The creative collision between business, enterprise and education tends to make a big bang… and lasting impact.

“It has been a genuine privilege to collaborate with NoTosh colleagues and clients in turning creative strategy and ideas into practical outcomes and sustainable realities. Working with smart, creative people like Ewan, Tom and Hamish has proved both personally formative and inspiring. I will definitely miss the larks, laughs and conversations.

“NoTosh dares us all to design brighter learning futures. That compelling vision continues to drive the lovely and talented NoTosh team.

For me, it has made getting out of bed over the last three years very easy indeed - except for those very early planes, trains and automobiles.”

The early morning flights are unlikely to cease with Peter’s new far-reaching role, and the NoTosh team wishes him the very best in his work with one of the world’s most formidable and exciting companies, one of NoTosh’s longest and most valuable partners in transforming schools.

In the short-term, Keimpe de Heer, our Utrecht-based colleague known for his trailblazing in maker culture, fabrication labs and design thinking, will take a more prominent role in some of our key European projects, with company founder Ewan McIntosh taking up some new projects while we explore our next EU hires.

Ewan McIntosh
March 03, 2013