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NoTosh is the world's favourite partner for design thinking, strategy and learning.

We consistently delight schools and creative companies alike with a unique way of thinking and collaborative approach between all our key staff on all our projects. We work with creative industries on creating better ideas, and couple our learnings from that with the latest in education research to create exciting approaches to learning. The schools with whom we work cover every demographic; all enjoy their place on the cutting edge of teaching and learning.

NoTosh works globally from bases in Edinburgh, Scotland, Melbourne, Australia, and San Francisco, USA. No matter where you are in the world, we're able to work with you online as your coach, or face-to-face in most regions at highly competitive rates that include travel and accommodation.

Ewan McIntosh

The founder and CEO of NoTosh, taking care of both potential and existing client schools and creative companies. Ewan is also a well-known, well-received keynote speaker around the world.

Joanna Moult

NoTosh Publishing's Editor and Publisher, Joanna has a track record in children's and teen publishing, and now works with us on building beautiful books with NoTosh's in-house team and select educators and creatives from around the world.

Tom Barrett

NoTosh's Senior Consultant leading operations from our Australian branch. Tom works with schools and public service organisations seeking to inject more innovation into their ways of thinking.

Hamish Curry

Hamish Curry works with groups globally on education; innovation in the events, culture and community learning world; and design projects. he is based out of our Australian office.

Keimpe de Heer

Keimpe de Heer works with NoTosh on an increasing number of Netherlands-based projects, and specialises in developing exciting maker spaces and technology strategy.
Keimpe is one of The Netherland’s foremost innovators in the open and education space. A makerspace pioneer and creative designer for learning. He is helping NoTosh establish some key projects throughout The Netherlands.

Rachel Young

Rachel Young works freelance, supporting NoTosh's administration as we grow internationally.