The Design Thinking School

Our design thinking for educators coaching provides process through which to learn anything from Shakespeare to Social Science.

Design Thinking is more than "shop" class and some post-it notes. It's more than simply 'making' things to solve a problem. We've taken the concepts of design thinking that we practice every week with creative companies in fashion, media and technology, and matched them with what the research shows us works for great learning. The result is a process that helps frame learning for which young people have more responsibility, more choice and deeper learning in any given field, from Shakespeare to Social Studies, Physics to Philosophy.

We can work with schools on a regular basis through our NoTosh OnTap retainer basis, offering a low day rate fee with no hidden transport or accommodation charges. We can also run a programme to fit in with your school's regular professional development sessions.

The Design Thinking School equips teachers with processes, practices and ways of thinking harnessed by those in the creative industries. Teachers see how these steps complement the most powerful teaching practices surfacing from educational research, and, by putting them to action in the classroom, see students develop a robust learning mindset for their future.

The content of this programme is delivered over four months through three School Conference days, for all staff, or can be delivered over more days in a more personalised way through NoTosh OnTap: a mix of inspiring keynotes from the NoTosh team, hands-on workshops and action-planning. It culminates in action research projects undertaken by staff and a showcase of their progress and their discoveries. This approach helps prioritise where the teachers in the school feel the most impact can be found, and gains more buy-in from staff, students and parents alike.

What inspirational stories are there so far?

What areas are ripe for development?

Deep dive into design thinking

A practical, hands-on session to show what design thinking is by using the process to solve an in-school challenge through rapid prototyping. We look at how this process can begin to enable more student-led learning.

Creating generative topics

Discussion-based sessions based on research we curate for you, that lead teachers through the process of redesigning existing topics, so that they better tap into our innate sense of curiosity and open up divergent avenues for thinking.

Problem finding

Traditionally teachers create problems for students to solve. Deeper learning is possible when we plan and prepare students’ capacities around problem definition and problem solving.

Ideation, Prototyping + Feedback

We don’t come up with good ideas by accident: creative people relentlessly use tried and tested processes to take what they’ve learned and show it in action.

Action planning: putting new skills to practice

A celebration of projects and progress where your teams are given the spotlight, and the NoTosh team seek to challenge, further extend teacher capacity and provide insight from the creative industries.

Ewan McIntosh
January 06, 2013