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As much as you need, when you want it

There’s not a consultant that won’t talk to you about creativity. NoTosh spends at least half of its time working with some of the most creative people in the world to create new services, products or projects. We don’t just read the books and talk the talk.

// With the UN we created the world’s most global startup accelerator

// With Google we showed how existing product could be used for new purposes

// With Historic Scotland we redesign experiences at the country’s most important historic sites for thousands of visitors

// With TalkTalk we redefine the notion of workplace learning

// With Channel 4 we co-create programmes to scour the country for new talent

The other half of our time is spent in education organisations and schools. Just like yours.

We build long-term relationships with every organisation with whom we work, and have designed affordable rates for those schools who want to partner with us over a school year - or longer - for bigger change. We don’t charge travel or accommodation. There’s a chance to engage with the whole NoTosh team through online coaching, as well as face-to-face in certain countries.

We can work through an existing programme such as The Design Thinking School or Creative Learning, Creative Assessment, with additional support and more time for reflection, or we can bring a fresh eye to existing school development, cherry picking the best of our programmes and developing new approaches side-by-side with your teaching staff.

Tom Barrett
March 06, 2013