Education Keynote Speakers

Research, real world stories of success and the challenges of leading change

Every member of the NoTosh team is a seasoned keynote speaker. We present around the world in person and in innovative online, interactive formats

Ewan McIntosh keynotes major conferences in Western and Eastern Europe, Canada, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. He has a wide experience in the creative industries and from K-12 classroom teaching on which to draw, helping audiences make connections between their vision for creative learning and the actual practices required to make learning more creative. Ewan delivers engaging talks in English and French. Ewan will also take part in the planning and preparation of talks delivered by others in the team, helping craft a talk that is the perfect fit for your group.

Tom Barrett keynotes major conferences in Australasia, the Middle East and Europe. His experience as an elementary teacher, continuing to work side-by-side with colleagues in the classroom, is coupled with creative practice in Government, fashion and technology companies.

Peter Ford keynotes major conferences throughout Europe, Russia and India, blending a middle school teaching background and a passion for the written and spoken word with a deep understanding of the creative process, honed with his work in NoTosh with the world's leading fashion and tech brands. As one of the world's first education bloggers, and with a keen interest in teacher learning communities, Peter can help teachers and leaders understand how to better learn from each other. He also has a wealth of experience in planning and implementing exciting learning programmes for students who might otherwise be low-achieving or low on motivation.

Ewan McIntosh
March 06, 2013