Creative Assessment, Creative Learning

Formative assessment, critical and creative thinking skills for whole-school improvement

Creative thinking and learning doesn’t just happen, and it can’t be planned to perfection. The teacher's skill at introducing specific thinking skills at the right point in a child's learning is part of the equation in the success of any creative learning.

Formative assessment: thinking and reflection

Formative assessment is an active ongoing process where teachers and students work together to use evidence of learning to adapt what each does in the classroom. It is a continual, not "at the end of learning", and helps adapt the course of learning based on the thinking that is actually present at any given moment of the day. It helps students and teachers answer these questions at any point in their learning:

  • Where have students been in their learning?;
  • Where is the student now in his/her learning, and what evidence is there of this?;
  • Where might they go next?; and
  • How will they get there?

NoTosh builds on the research available, in particular that of Dylan Wiliam, John Hattie, David Perkins and Professor Guy Claxton, to help schools form their own strategy for ensuring consistent building of the capacity of students and teachers in the strategies, activities and routines that help answer those core questions. We help teachers and leadership understand how their school might build this capacity from Kindergarten through to Grade 12, or achieve a consistent use and reuse of strategies across subject areas in a secondary school.