The Design Thinking School

Design Thinking can offer a framework to improve student outcomes, harness students' curiosity and introduce more reflective practice and thinking skills.

The process provides a robust foundation on top of which we show schools how to create deeper, more divergent learning of core curriculum content, make sense of complex ideas and produce ingenious artefacts to show their understanding, or solve "wicked problems". We bring together the research from design and from pedagogy, to create rich, challenging curriculum with each school with whom we work.

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Creative Assessment, Creative Learning

To move project-based learning beyond learning-by-recipe, students need to be equipped with specific thinking tools, mindsets and skillsets with which they can learn more independently, and be more successful in choosing their own path for learning.

We guide teachers and students through what thinking strategies make the biggest difference to student attainment, and when best to use them.

We run workshops and ongoing coaching to raise teacher capacity in these essential thinking and assessment skills.

Keynote speakers

Team NoTosh has gained a global reputation for the impact of their keynote talks and masterclasses. We've inspired tens of thousands of teachers over the years to transform ideas from the conference centre into pragmatic action in the classroom.

We offer keynotes in person or online, in English and French language.

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Creating Space for Innovation

School strategy has for too long been about small groups of people far from the classroom creating documentation that has little impact in the classroom.

Our pragmatic strategy approach helps schools create lasting change in the way they operate, harnessing the expertise of the entire learning community to impact on learning, every day.

Our strategy programmes and special workshops will test leadership's assumptions, creating space for innovation.

NoTosh OnTap

​Our retainer rates kick in for organisations who want to work with us for more than five or ten days over any twelve months, and are inclusive of travel and accommodation costs, wherever in the world you are.

You or a group of schools choose upfront how many days you might need, including online coaching, and get a world class team for a fraction of what you think it might cost.