The Design Thinking School

Project-based learning has been let down in too many instances with “fake,” academic, theoretical problems that need solving. The learning processes involved are at best fuzzy for most educators: what is “collaboration,” “student-designed,” and “student-led” learning? What is the role of formative assessment in empowering students to learn about learning?

Learn from the creative practices of some of the best media and tech companies in the world, with whom NoTosh works every day. Discover the independent and collaborative learning skills and processes that these growing creative industries—and other businesses—require, and how they map perfectly to the latest research on what we know makes learning great.

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Creative Assessment, Creative Learning

Creative thinking and learning doesn’t just happen, and it can’t be planned to perfection. The teacher's skill is part of the equation in the success of any creative learning, but so, too, are the thinking skills and formative assessment toolkits of every learner, to understand where they have been on their learning journey, where they are now, and how this feeds into what they’re going to learn next.

We run workshops and ongoing coaching to raise teacher capacity in these essential thinking and assessment skills.

Keynote speakers

​Every member of the NoTosh team is a seasoned keynote speaker, and we've inspired tens of thousands of teachers over the past three years with talks on creativity, design thinking across the curriculum, innovative leadership and translating education research into solid practice. We offer keynotes in person or online, in English and French language.

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Creating Space for Innovation

How might one create the space needed for fresh innovative ideas to flourish in a world where there will always be something more urgent, always something more important, always something that’s worked before, isn’t broken and whose fixing poses more risk, it feels, than staying with the status quo?

We’re now rolling out a new programme for leaders and innovators who are seeking more robust processes for creating space for innovation.

NoTosh OnTap

​Designed to offer the best flexibility and to work with you over a longer period, NoTosh OnTap is proving a great fit for many schools and organisations that are looking to make long lasting and to establish an ongoing relationship with us.

You or a group of schools choose upfront how many days you might need, including online coaching, and get a world class team for a fraction of what you think it might cost.